Corduroy Industries


Founded by Ben and Scott Addison, the band CORDUROY were known globally for their film and tv inspired instrumentals and songs, from 1992-1999.
After three LPs on the acid Jazz label, two more on Big Cat records, six Japanese tours, appearances at Reading, T in the Park, and Phoenix festivals, as well as being voted 6th best UK live act of 1995 by Melody Maker readers, the band split in 1999.
Ben and Scott Addison never stopped writing. Ben released two solo albums with Unique records in 2002 and 2004, and in 2006, the twins released a single ‚ON THE MOON’ with Unique records under the name ADDISON INDUSTRIES. Since 2013, CORDUROY have played four reunion concerts in the UK, and are booked for more.

Now, with a new project CORDUROY INDUSTRIES, the twins are proud to release a brand new (download only) four track EP on Bionic records, titled ’MUSIC TO SELL PRODUCTS BY.’ The flavours and grooves are along the same lines as before, but now have bigger arrangements. In a climate where commercial music has become stripped down, underpaid and lazy, CORDUROY INDUSTRIES present four powerful mood setting tracks full of library flavour, perfect for commercial use.
Retro? Maybe, fresh? Definitely.


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